Thursday, September 23, 2010

Partisan politics

I am sick of the old and weary party system of left versus right. If the right does something the left will never support it and vice versa even if it is a good idea because of stupid ideological party politics. What about what is best for the country as a concept, regardless of right-wing vs left-wing ideology. The Green party purports to be neither left nor right but a whole new direction in politics so they get my vote and my money and anything else I can do for them.

Helping those in need....

I wanted to share an experience I had recently about helping others. My partner who runs the local animal shelter and who usually brings home stray dogs one day showed up with some stray people. They were a young homeless couple that had just landed in Whitehorse and the girl had started working at the shelter. They had piercings everywhere as well as tattoos on most areas of exposed skin including the face. They were supposed to be with us for a week but ended up staying for two months. Early on we fed them and got them clothing and helped them in anyway we could until they had some money. Even when they started earning we didn't charge them rent. We let them stay in our cabin for free. They turned out to be excellent workers and reliable people. They talked a lot about how they liked living a nomadic life and how they hated the thought of joining all the other working drones who worked to pay mortgages and bills. These people had the ultimate freedom. They worked for a while then set off travelling by mean of hitch hiking and jumping freight trains like the beat poets of 50 years ago. Jack Kerouac was their hero. I admired their independant view of life. We spent a few nights drinking and laughing and playing music. So why did I eventually have to kick them out? Why did it all have to end on a bad note.
We discovered we were missing some things of value and having looked everywhere we decided to look at their place. We found the items hidden away as well as some other things that they had decided they needed. I was beyond angry. We had treated these people well. We had given them so much and asked for nothing in return and we were thanked with this petty bit of thievery. Between them they were making over $3000 a month and living rent free yet they still needed to steal from us. I am still at a loss as to why. I am disappointed that yet another person that I thought had a certain idealism had failed to live up to it. It makes one really ponder whether it is worth it to stick out your hand in the spirit of giving. As a result, I have lately been in a very dejected mindset about people in general. I sit on my 15 acres and enjoy the company of the dogs over people. People always seem to disappoint.