Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mass consciousness

I don't know if it is 'mass consciousness' or 'collective consciousness' but working in a restaurant I know it exists. We are all tuned into the same shit. The reason I believe this is because I am always amazed at how everyone will order the same thing. I am not talking about the ordinary stuff, but the unusual. One day we had a run on shrimp ceasar salads. We may get one order of this a month normally but on this particular day we did scads of them. It isn't because other people saw them and ordered them because it happened all day long. It is like the consciousness of ordering this particular dish is out there and they all tune into it.
Now if only we could take this mass consciousness and do something worthwhile with it. Maybe we could all focus on being less greedy and materialistic. Maybe we could focus on what actually matters instead of trying attain things we think make us happy but ultimately make us miserable.
I told my 18 year old son about my theory and he called it 'hive mind.' We are all connected in some bizarre way even when it comes to ordering food, we tune into the same stuff. We all need to realize what matters over what we are spoon fed to believe matters. We need to stop drinking the kool-aid and get a mass consciouness about the real stuff, beyond shrimp ceasar salads.