Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Proletariat

Christmas is here, which is the season of giving and receiving as well as the season of excess. I was thinking about the people I work with and how we are all part of the proletariat in true Marxist terms. We spent the entire Christmas season putting on parties for those that made more money than us. We made them prime rib and lobster tails and crab and steaks and anything else they desired. Our company never gave us a Christmas party, in fact they gave us nothing but hours and work and dirty dishes.
As a cook I make a semi decent wage for my efforts but the people who support  me make next to nothing. I watch the woman that washes dishes during the day for eleven dollars an hour and wonder how she does it with a teenage daughter to support and the insane rental prices in Whitehorse. The dishwasher that makes my life easier at night is from Zimbabwe. She has been in Canada a year and she works two very hard jobs at the age of 58. She does housekeeping for eight hours then comes to my kitchen and washes dishes for another five. I know she is so tired some nights and I asked her how she does it and she tells me that for most of her life in Zimbabwe she spent endless hours hauling firewood and water and she is accustomed to hard work.
I wonder how many people with their cushy well paid jobs think about these people who are working to give them a nice Christmas party. There are so many out there struggling just to pay the necessities of life. Maybe it is the season to think about that. Cheers!