Thursday, October 20, 2011

How Far Can Social Media Go?

I am now Facebook free and so far there have been no side effects. People are assuming that I quit because I spent too much time on it but that is not the case. I didn't spend a lot of time on it because frankly it was kind of boring. People post everything they are doing all day long. I am surprised I haven't read 'feet in stirrups, just waiting for my pap smear.' But give it time.....
One part of social media that really gives me pause is how invasive it is. If someone posts something that offends someone else they can report that person and some faceless facebook cop will delete the post. It happened to a friend of mine. He had put up some pro life video of a baby at so many weeks and what it looks like. It was promptly taken down. This bothers me. I may not agree with him but I do have the choice to ignore it. That is the cyber equivalent of the nosy neighbour who cannot help sticking their nose into everything you do on your property.
 I also don't like how they constantly change it. They put up a new feature that tells people what you are doing on Facebook. If you are wasting time playing some dumb game everyone is informed of it. I don't like that lack of control over my own profile page.
I recently discovered from a friend of mine that the government uses Facebook to monitor illegal activities. My friend was contacted by social services because her underage son was posting drinking pictures. This scared the hell out of me. Now social media is being used to judge how well you are parenting? Who doesn't have a 17 year old kid that has been caught drinking? My fear is that this is just the beginning.
I enjoy freedom too much to be cool with this type of Big Brother monitoring.

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