Monday, October 24, 2011

On Reincarnation

I believe in reincarnation. As some famous dead guy said, " I find it no more miraculous to have been born many times than to have been born once." Christianity wants us to believe that we have one kick at the can and we should be without sin or we don't go to heaven. Having people believe in sin is a good way to control them. Buddhists on the other hand believe we have many turns in the "life school" to learn what we need. Karma is the ultimate leveler of the playing field. Whatever we put out there we get back. It is cause and effect, very simple and very effective. So every asshole deed we do we will get back at some point. Every good deed we do we will also get back. It is a concept with beautiful symmetry, it is simple and fair. People have said to me that they don't "believe" in karma. Again it is not that crazy an idea. We know in Physics that there is cause and effect. So why would our actions not have an effect? The world would be a kinder place if more people did believe in karma. So many people bully their way through life taking what they want and stepping on the necks of others to get it. At times we would love to seek revenge on these people but ultimately the universe will take care of them.

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  1. I hope that karma does eventually level everything we do. Some people will have a whole lot of nasty coming their way from somewhere!