Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gay teen suicide....

All of a sudden gay teen suicide is getting a lot of press and attention from famous people. Ellen Degeneres, Sarah Silverman and Lily Tomlin to name a few have made videos pleading with people to be less homophobic. Gay people have been killing themselves for decades, it isn't anything new. Mostly it is young gay men who have the hardest time dealing with their reality.
When will people especially the religious right just let gay people live their lives? Why this war on a group that is doing nothing except wanting to find love like everyone else. The religious right seems to think that part of "freedom of religion" entails enslaving and tromping on another group's rights.
It is truly scary what is happening in the States. There is a man running for the Senate who is campaigning on the belief that homosexuals should not be allowed to be teachers....oh and also women that have sex outside of marriage shouldn't be allowed to teach either (he makes no mention of single men who have sex). Another scary candidate is this Christine O'Donnell who believes that all of us gay folks just need to go and get cured at one of the bible thumping pray the gay away ranches. She even had an "ex-gay" man on her campaign trail extolling the virtues of these christian ranches. Unfortunately for her campaign this man didn't last long. He couldn't deny his authentic self and he defected back to gay land where he now campaigns against the homosexual cure saying..."IT DOESN'T WORK." Thank god for the very intelligent and witty and LESBIAN Rachel Maddow who has been dogging O'Donnell's campaign and showing the idiocy of this woman.
The politics to the south would be hilarious and entertaining if they weren't so damn scary. There are already States like Florida that don't allow gay couples to adopt or foster children. Even California the gayest Sate in the Union has declared war on the homosexuals. I just don't get it.

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  1. I don't get it either. Those suicides are just heartbreaking.